Northern Ireland: diabetes prevention programme launches

05 June 2019

A programme to tackle the increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes has been launched by the Public Health Agency (PHA)

Around 96,000 people are living with diabetes in Northern Ireland – a shocking 69.3% increase since 2007.

The Diabetes Prevention Programme is aimed at people who have been identified as pre-diabetic – with a blood sugar level slightly above the normal range. 

A nine-month programme run by health coaches, it helps people change their lifestyle, diet and physical activity. It is being offered free across all five trust areas.

Trudy Brown, regional type 2 diabetes prevention programme manager at PHA, says: ‘Often, by making simple changes to lifestyle, losing weight, adopting a healthier diet and increasing physical activity, people can alter a type 2 diabetes diagnosis – or at least postpone it significantly.’

Image credit | iStock