Australia: Post-vaccination febrile seizures no more serious than other types

05 June 2019

Research from the University of Sydney has found the severity of febrile seizures following vaccination is no different from febrile seizures due to other causes, and that the majority of seizures are short-lived, self-resolving and don’t require ongoing treatment.

The study of 1022 children, published in the journal Pediatrics, compared the differences in severity and outcomes between febrile seizures following vaccination with other febrile seizures. It found no difference in the length of the seizure, the risk of having another seizure in the first 24 hours, the length of hospital stay, and the need for seizure medication on discharge.

The report’s senior author, Associate Professor Nicholas Wood, said: ‘We hope this gives parents the confidence to continue vaccinating their children.’

Febrile seizures affect around one in 30 children aged under six, and are associated with a rise in body temperature.

Image credit | iStock