Scotland: think again about ‘going large’

09 May 2019

Food Standards Scotland has launched a #NoToUpsizing campaign to remind people that upping their portion sizes when eating out could harm their health.


The campaign, which includes an online game and Twitter hashtag, aims to raise awareness of the impact of ‘upsizing’ on health in Scotland, where 65% of adults and 29% of children are overweight or obese.

NHS Scotland welcomed the move. Public health intelligence adviser Deborah Shipton said: ‘One of the main reasons so many people are overweight in Scotland is because our surroundings make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

‘So as well as raising awareness of the impact of what we eat, as the upsizing campaign aims to do, it is important to encourage retailers to provide more healthy options that are affordable and visible too. 

‘Our research on the healthcare retail standards shows that it can be done.’

Image credit | iStock