Northern Ireland: more than 700 businesses back breastfeeding

09 May 2019

More than 740 businesses are now members of the Breastfeeding Welcome Here scheme, a year after the launch of the #NotSorryMums campaign.


Council facilities, cafes and tourist attractions have joined up.

Members display a sticker and certificate, and pledge to welcome breastfeeding as well as informing staff of the need to be supportive.

Janet Calvert at the Public Health Agency said: ‘While mums can of course breastfeed anywhere they wish to, the scheme aims to provide supportive environments and show public support for breastfeeding mums.

‘It’s great to see so many more businesses getting involved and helping to support breastfeeding, as we know that for many mums, getting started isn’t easy.’

A list of members of the scheme can be found on, which features a map to help mums find their nearest venue, along with information about local support groups.

Image credit | iStock