Keeping children safe

16 May 2019

Child Safety Week 2019 aims to raise awareness of the risks associated with child accidents and how they can be prevented.


The theme for this year’s week which from Monday 3 June to Sunday 9 June 2019 is Family life today: where’s the risk? It highlights the new dangers facing families today and offers simple solutions to keep children safe.

New dangers in the home range from button batteries, child-appealing washing capsules or nappy sacks stored under cot mattresses that can suffocate babies.

Serious accidents are one of the most common causes of hospital admissions and a major cause of death for children. They account for three deaths every week and over 2000 hospital admissions, say the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) who are behind the awareness week.

The main focus of the CAPT is to to support anyone working with children and families to understand and deliver effective accident prevention messages.

CAPT provide a range of resources to help practitioners run local activities and events and promote safety messages in a fun and engaging way. 

To find out more, download this year's free resources here.

The Action Pack includes all the latest advice, activity sheets, a poster for display and links to film clips and social media posts. 


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Author: Nicole Bains