UK: parents support watershed for junk food ads

11 April 2019

The public supports tougher restrictions on junk food advertising, including a 9pm watershed, according to the results of a survey published by Obesity Health Alliance (OHA).

A new OHA position statement demands a watershed across all media devices and channels on adverts marketing foods high in fat, sugar and salt – including those on social media and at bus stops.

Online polling reveals 72% support a watershed on junk food adverts during popular family TV shows, 70% on junk food adverts online and 68% on junk food adverts on digital advertising outside the home.

Caroline Cerny, OHA lead, said: ‘The evidence is clear: seeing junk food adverts influences what and how much our children eat.

‘With over two-thirds of the public agreeing with the evidence – that junk food advertising contributes to childhood obesity – it is clear that urgent action is wanted as well as needed.’