England: stress and bullying push staff wellbeing to five-year low

11 April 2019

Wellbeing levels have hit a five-year low in the NHS, with two in five staff feeling sick from stress last year, according to the NHS staff survey.

Of almost half a million NHS staff surveyed, 40% reported work-related stress within the last 12 months, and almost one in three (30%) said they often think about quitting.

The survey also showed that a quarter (25.5%) of staff had personally experienced harassment, bullying or abuse from colleagues or managers in 2018.

However, more employees report feeling valued, and over seven in 10 feel that they are respected for good work.

Suzie Bailey of The King’s Fund said the survey ‘underlines the scale of the workforce crisis’ and added: ‘Action is needed at every level of the health service to create environments where staff can do their very best work.’

Image credit | iStock