England: baby-weaning campaign will boost mothers’ confidence

11 April 2019

A new campaign to help parents introduce their babies to solid foods has been launched by Public Health England (PHE). Its survey revealed that more than one in four mothers lack confidence in doing so.

The Start4Life campaign, which includes an online hub full of weaning advice and recipes, follows a PHE survey of 1000 mothers that found common weaning myths persist. Nearly half of mothers wrongly think that wanting extra feeds is a sign that babies are ready for solid foods, around a third believe that a baby chewing their fists is a sign that they are ready for weaning, and almost a quarter think waking up in the night is a sign that a baby is ready. However, these are normal baby behaviours.

Many parents also have concerns around weaning, including choking, allergic reactions and worries over how much to offer, and if their babies will reject food.

PHE nutritionist Orla Hugueniot said: ‘Our new weaning hub on the Start4Life website puts all of the NHS advice in one place, helping parents to be more confident and enjoy this big milestone in their child’s life.’


Image credit | iStock