Scotland: RCPCH reviews progress on child health

08 March 2019

Two years on from the launch of State of child health: Scotland, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) has carried out a review of progress.

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It shows that the Scottish Government has made headway in addressing three major barriers to good child health: child poverty, obesity and mental health.

But Professor Steve Turner, the RCPCH’s officer for Scotland, says that for the 2018 Year of Young People to be regarded a true success, these policies must now translate into actual improvements in child health.

He said: ‘Scotland currently has some of the worst outcomes for child health in Europe, but as our scorecard shows, the government is working hard to turn this around. However, the government strategy now needs to turn to action.’

Among the shortcomings he highlighted was the widening health gap between the richest and poorest communities in Scotland.


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