Northern Ireland: new advice for parents on good dummy habits

08 March 2019

The Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland has produced a new factsheet to help parents develop good dummy habits for their babies.

Baby Dummy iStock

Developed by speech and language therapists, the leaflet aims to provide ideas on how parents can manage their child’s use of the dummy so that it doesn’t affect his or her speech.

It advises parents to use a dummy only when their baby is tired, upset or trying to get to sleep, and to reduce dummy use by the time the baby is six to nine months old. Children over one year do not need a dummy, the leaflet states.

It also says that a dummy should never be dipped in sweet things, and giving up a dummy will give a baby more chance to babble and talk.

Parents supply some top tips, too, including: ‘I take it out when she’s playing’, ‘My child swapped it for a small toy’ and ‘Don’t give in’.

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