News in numbers: March

08 March 2019

A breakdown of community health news this month, in numbers. Download the PDF, here.

News in Numbers March

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Advertising Standards Agency. (2019) Report reveals exposure of children to age-restricted TV ads is falling. See: (accessed 19 February 2019).

BCC News. (2019) Child poverty: baby banks ‘see increase in users’. See: (accessed 19 February 2019).

Kelland K. (2019) E-cigarettes help more smokers quit than patches and gum, study finds. See: (accessed 19 February 2019).

Mathers M. (2019) 21% rise in children treated for mental health issues in Northern Ireland.  See: (accessed 19 February 2019).

Mitchell G. (2019) Nurse degree applications rise 4% but concerns remain. See: (accessed 19 February 2019).

Rapaport L. (2019) Diabetes does not appear to affect children's test scores. See: (accessed 19 February 2019).

Scottish Government. (2018) Driving CAMHS improvement. See: (accessed 19 February 2019)

Smith M. (2019) The new Welsh football league that's exclusively for fat men. See: (accessed 19 February 2019).