Scotland: HVs bumped up to Band 7 are paid £5k more than rest of UK

08 February 2019

New health visitors will be paid ‘significantly more’ than their counterparts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, under a new deal negotiated by healthcare unions.

Those choosing to work in Scotland will now start on Band 7, with a starting salary of £33,222. Health visitors in other areas usually start at Band 6, with starting salaries of around £28,050.

It is hoped the change will boost the number of health visitors by attracting more skilled nurses.

Gavin Fergie, Unite’s lead professional officer for health in Scotland, said: ‘Unite is pleased that the higher banding is a recognition of the professional dedication and quality of service provided by health visitors in Scotland.’

But he added that the re-banding ‘must not come at the expense of other colleagues in the wider health sector and result in future cuts’.

Image credit | iStock