Northern Ireland: reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, says PHA

08 February 2019

The Public Health Agency (PHA) is calling for greater awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) after a new survey found many adults didn’t know about the risk factors.

Only 4% of respondents were aware of the messages of the 1990s ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign.

Emily Roberts, designated nurse for safeguarding children at the PHA, said: ‘We need to increase everyone’s knowledge, including among relatives and friends who may help out with childcare, of the risk factors for sudden infant death.’

She said that only 8% of respondents knew that co-sleeping on a sofa or armchair was a risk factor for SIDS, and just 5% knew that a baby sleeping in a different room to its parents for the first six months could have an impact.

She also urged parents to ‘talk to your health visitor, who can provide practical advice’.

Image credit | iStock