England: ‘Red book’ and maternity records are going digital

08 February 2019

The child health record ‘red book’ is going digital, along with maternity records, under new plans to modernise neonatal and maternity services.

The Department of Health and Social Care has announced its aim to improve safety, quality and continuity of care, backed by a funding increase of £20.5bn every year by 2023-24 for the NHS in England.

Further plans include improving accommodation for critically ill newborns, making physiotherapy for women who experience incontinence after childbirth more widely available, and asking all maternity services to offer an accredited evidence-based infant-feeding programme, such as the Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative.

Matt Hancock, secretary of state for health, said: ‘Each child will now be able to start life using the best of modern technology – in a way that’s easier for parents and fit for the future.’

Image credit | Alamy