Canada: most babies don’t sleep through the night

08 February 2019

Research has shown that most healthy babies aren’t sleeping through the night – even at one year old.

Investigators found that at six months of age, 38% of typically developing infants were not yet sleeping at least six hours at a stretch at night and 57% weren't sleeping eight hours. At 12 months old, 28% of infants weren't yet sleeping six hours straight at night, and 43% weren't staying asleep eight hours.

The study, published in Pediatrics, also found no association between infants who didn't sleep for six or eight consecutive hours and problems with psychomotor and mental development.

Babies who didn't sleep through had a significantly higher rate of breastfeeding.

Researcher Marie-Hélène Pennestri said: ‘Our findings suggest parents might benefit from more education about the normal development of – and wide variability in – infants’ sleep-wake cycles.’

Image credit | iStock