24 January 2019

Unite urges members to take a stand on International Women’s Day this 8th March, launching their equality campaign in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. 


At its January meeting, Unite’s Irish Executive committed to joining and coordinating actions to mark International Women’s Day (IWD) for female colleagues, and launched their #Time4Equality campaign. 

Ahead of IWD, Unite will be highlighting the gender pay gap, sexual harassment and other issues that women face, pressing for positive change at home and across the globe. 

Each year, International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political victories in the women’s fight for equality – but also allows people to focus on the challenges that remain.

In the Republic of Ireland women are paid 14% less than their male colleagues on average, while in Northern Ireland the pay gap is a staggering 18%. 

Unite’s regional coordinating officer, Susan Fitzgerald says: ‘Unite will be working with other unions and groups in the run-up to 8th March, not only to highlight the gender pay gap, but to focus on some of the underlying issues such as involuntary part-time working as well as the interaction between home duties and the workplace, the ‘double shift’.  

‘We will also be pointing out that one of the best ways to close the gap is to join and build fighting trade unions. Check out Unite’s Facebook page or contact your local office for information on events taking place’

For now #Time4Equality is a campaign in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, but watch this space in your area. 

Janet Taylor, National chair of CPHVA executive committee who also sits on Unites regional women’s committee, says: ‘Unions have made great strides in fighting the gender pay gap.  We don’t just want to narrow the gap:  our aim is to close the gap. Standing together, we can reach our goal of full equality.’

Janet pointed out that a day without women would see the economies of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland grind to a halt.

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Author: Nicole Bains