Northern Ireland: welfare reform ‘traps more children in poverty’

07 December 2018

The number of children trapped in poverty will increase because of changes to social security benefits.

Child Poverty Alamy

That’s the warning from Northern Ireland commissioner for children and young people Koulla Yiasouma.

Changes in benefits, including the two-child limit on child tax credits and universal credit, is disproportionately affecting families with children. The commissioner said: ‘One in every three children in NI will be forced into poverty by 2022.’

She was drawing on the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ report Living standards, poverty and inequality in the UK, which projected a seven percentage point rise in child poverty.

‘We are far from eradicating child poverty in NI, and quite frankly we are taking backwards steps,’ Yiasouma continued.

The commissioner called for any benefit decisions to be made only after a Child’s Rights Impact Assessment is carried out.

Picture credit | Alamy