News in numbers: November

07 November 2018

A breakdown of community health news this month, in numbers.


£10m will be invested in online training for NHS staff in Wales over 3 years, giving them access to cutting-edge research and developing the education of the workforce.

1.5 million children in England live in areas without 24/7 mental health support, so many end up in A&E.

The reduction in public health prevention measures across councils in England is £96.3m. 130 of 152 local councils are spending less on public health this year than in 2017-18.

The average number of children on a Hounslow health visitor's caseload is 829, according to Unite. The safe limit is 250.

17% of Scotland adults are now teetotal - the highest proportion since records began in 2003. But 24% drink to harmful or hazardous levels.

75 is the age at which Scottish people can have the new Fluad flu vaccine - recommended for over-65s in the rest of the UK. Last winter, 330 died from flu in Scotland, up from 71 in 2016-17.


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