HVs wanted for poisoning prevention campaign

30 November 2018

A campaign to raise awareness of the need to keep children safe from accidental poisoning and eye injury is requesting the help of health visitors to spread its key messages.



The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is working with Fairy Non-Bio to spread the ‘Take action today, put them away’ programme across the North West region during 2019. 

The campaign aims to reach as many families with under-fives as possible with a magnetic pad that they can place on their fridge with the key messages of how to prevent accidental poisoning among their children. 

The RoSPA is keen to work with local health visitor services to help reach these families. The programme is designed to support the work health visitors already do in supporting families by providing materials, free of charge, that can help to raise this issue during scheduled visits and contacts. 

Similar targeted campaigns have been launched in 12 areas across the UK, with around 400,000 families benefitting from receiving safety advice in the form of the handy magnetic pad, which is also a great conversation starter for health visitors and other professionals to use in raising the subject. 

The pads are accompanied by factsheets, checklists and briefing notes, which help to ensure consistent and clear messages reach as many families in the target area as possible.

Health visitors, who are not based in the North West but are interested in helping to deliver a programme in their area, should also get in touch. The RoSPA has opportunities for additional programmes in other parts of the country over 2019.

For further details, contact RoSPA public health project manager Ashley Martin at

More information on the campaign is available here.

Image credit | iStock