Wales: smacking ban splits public down the middle

05 October 2018

Public opinion is divided on proposals for a smacking ban.

Just over half (50.3%) of the 1738 people and organisations that responded to the Welsh Government consultation exercise thought the plan would help protect children’s rights, while 48.1% disagreed.

The Welsh Government is planning to change the law in the next year, removing the defence of reasonable punishment.

Supporters of the ban said the new law would ensure children’s rights are safeguarded and that they are given the same legal protection as adults, as well as keep them safe from harm, according to a summary of responses.

Opponents said that it could criminalise parents, interfere in family life and deny children ‘effective discipline’.

Children’s minister Huw Irranca-Davies said: ‘The consultation we launched earlier this year was intended to help inform our legislative proposals, ensuring we develop the very best legislation to help us achieve our aim.’

Image credit | iStock