Scotland: new suicide prevention plan is launched

03 October 2018

A new prevention plan aims to cut Scotland’s suicide rate by 20% before 2022.

‘Every Life Matters’ sets out 10 measures, including refreshed mental health and suicide prevention training for all NHS staff, reviews of all deaths by suicide, public awareness campaigns, and the harnessing of digital technology.

The plan was developed with mental health and suicide prevention organisations, people affected by suicide, and academics.

Implementing the plan is the new National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group supported by a £3m innovation fund.

Mental health minister Clare Haughey, who launched the plan, said: ‘Over the past decade, Scotland has made real progress in reducing deaths by suicide but we have far more to do.

‘We want a Scotland where suicide is preventable, and where anyone contemplating suicide, or who has lost a loved one, gets the support they need.’

Image credit | iStock