USA: 'helicopter' parents could harm children's emotional wellbeing

07 September 2018

Parents who are too controlling could make their children less able to manage their emotions, a study suggests.

‘Helicopter’ parenting – constantly hovering over a child, telling them what to play and being too strict or demanding – when a child was two was associated with poorer emotional and behavioural regulation at
five years old.

Conversely, a five-year-old with better emotional regulation was less likely to have emotional problems, and more likely to have better social skills and be more productive in school at 10 years old, according to research published in Developmental Psychology.

Researchers followed 422 children over eight years, assessing them at ages two, five and 10. They observed how they interacted with parents, and gathered reports from teachers and the 10-year-olds themselves.

Image credit | iStock