UK: primary school children suffer hygiene poverty

07 September 2018

Children are coming to school unwashed and in unclean clothes because their parents can’t afford cleaning products, a study has found.


Half of primary school teachers in Britain have to step in weekly to provide pupils with essential items such as washing powder and shampoo.

The research, carried out by charity In Kind Direct, found that the majority of teachers (80%) reported more pupils coming to school looking unwashed and in dirty clothing.

In Kind Direct also polled 2000 parents with primary school children across the UK and found 18% admit their child wears the same underwear at least two days in a row, 43% said they’ve gone without basic hygiene or cleaning products because of the cost, and one in five parents says they can’t afford to wash their children’s clothes as oft en as they would like.

80% of teachers have seen an increase in the last five years in the number of pupils coming to school looking unwashed and in dirty clothes. 


Image credit | iStock