Wales: smoking stubbed out near hospital and schools

04 July 2018

Smoking in Wales causes around smoking in Wales causes around 5450 deaths each year, costing £302m annually.

Wales is to enforce a ban on smoking outside hospitals, schools and playgrounds by mid-2019.

The move – a UK first – will protect people from second-hand smoke and ‘de-normalise’ smoking for children and young people, according to the Welsh Government.

Welsh health secretary Vaughan Gething said: ‘We have seen a remarkable culture change, and I am pleased our plan to extend smoke-free areas to outdoor public spaces has received overwhelming public support.’

Smoking in Wales causes around 5450 deaths each year and costs the NHS an estimated £302m annually.

Suzanne Cass, chief executive of the tobacco control campaign group ASH Wales Cymru, said: ‘It is essential we make sure children do not see smoking as a normal, everyday activity. We must set positive examples wherever we can.’ The changes will be introduced under the Public Health (Wales) Act 2017, passed by assembly members last year.

Picture credit | iStock