Sensory learning helps children eat more healthily

04 July 2018

Researchers have found that sensory-based education in nursery children promotes healthier eating habits.

They compared the food choices of three- to five-year-olds who had been offered sensory food education, which is based on look, smell, touch, hearing and taste, with those who hadn’t.

Children who had learned using the Sapere method – which encourages them to learn using all five senses and get involved in cooking and growing food – were more willing to choose vegetables, berries and fruit.

‘The Sapere food education method also seems to improve the eating atmosphere in kindergarten groups. This encouraged children who, according to their parents, were picky eaters, to choose a diverse selection of vegetables, berries and fruit on their plate,’ said nutritionist Kaisa Kähkönen of the University of Eastern Finland.

The findings were published in Public Health Nutrition.

Picture credit | iStock