Children outperform endurance athletes in recovery

05 June 2018

Researchers have discovered how young children can run around all day without getting tired.

Children Endurance iStock

A study carried out at the Université Clermont Auvergne compared energy output and post-exercise recovery rates of boys aged eight to 12, untrained adults and endurance athletes.

It found children have fatigue-resistant muscles and recover very quickly from high-intensity exercise – even faster than well-trained adult endurance athletes. In all tests, the children outperformed the untrained adults.

The research, published in Frontiers in Physiology, shows that children have developed fatigue-resistant muscles and produce more energy aerobically, allowing them to recover very quickly from high-intensity exercise.

Co-author Sébastien Ratel said: ‘This may explain why children seem to have the ability to play and play and play – long after adults have become tired.’


Picture credit | iStock