Scotland: preconception health campaign launches

31 July 2017

People who want to have children in the future are being encouraged to think about their health during their reproductive years as part of a new campaign by a health board.


Almost half of pregnancies are unplanned, and a new animated video by NHS Lanarkshire suggests prospective parents should remain healthy so they can both prevent complications with births in the future.

Difficulties developed in utero can lead to birth defects, speech and language problems, and poor health outcomes in later life.

Stress, tobacco, alcohol and obesity can all contribute towards this before the child has even been conceived.

Public health specialist Ashley Goodfellow said: ‘The general consensus was that young people didn’t know what preconception health was or why it was important, so it is vital we get the message out there.’

Participant Natalie Allan, 16, from Airdrie said: ‘Everything we learned was really interesting, like folic acid is really important. You need to make sure your baby develops as it should.’

Image credit: iStock