New training programme slashes teenage rugby injuries

19 May 2017

An exercise routine that has reduced rugby injuries by over 70% in the youth game is to be introduced to schools.

The 20-minute training and pre-match session works on teenage players’ balance, strength and agility, helping them to prepare their bodies properly for physical challenges and reduce the risk of injuries.

The School Injury Prevention Study took place from 2013-16, involving 40 schools and nearly 2500 players aged 14 to 18.

It found the newly devised exercise programme had a beneficial impact in reducing overall injuries within youth rugby – overall injuries fell by 72% when players completed the new exercises at least three times a week. Concussion injuries were reduced by 59%.

Led by the Rugby Football Union and the University of Bath, the study is published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and was described during the academic peer-review process as ‘the benchmark for studies of this kind’.

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