NHS sickness absence 'costs £1.1bn per year'

26 April 2017

NHS staff take a combined 16.4 million days off sick per year, costing the health service an estimated £1.1bn, according to new figures.

Data from NHS Digital breaks down the amount of sickness absence taken by those who work for one of the six major staff groups in the NHS in England. The data has been analysed by Totaljobs as part of a report examining mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The study found that health visiting staff take on average 16 days’ sickness absence per year, which amounts to a cost of £1463 per person.

For school nurses, the average absence was shown to be 14 days per person per year, at an individual cost of £1240 and a collective cost of £1.8m.

Dr Judith Johnson, clinical psychologist and lecturer at the University of Leeds, said: ‘Research to better understand how we can support staff ’s wellbeing is sorely needed.’