England: indoor air pollution study will look at effects on children

A ground-breaking study will examine the potentially harmful impact of indoor air pollution on child health.

The meningitis safety net

Rob Dawson of the Meningitis Research Foundation reveals the life-saving messages parents and CPs need to know if faced with bacterial meningitis or septicaemia.

News in numbers: september

A breakdown of community health news this month, in numbers.

England: autism not linked to antenatal fish consumption

Eating fish during pregnancy does not increase the likelihood of a child having autism, scientists have found.

The mother-infant bond: A systematic review of research that includes mothers’ subjective experience of the relationship

Elizabeth Milne, Sally Johnson, Gill Waters and Neil Small explored mothers’ interpretations of their infants’ behaviour, and the impact of ‘mind-mindedness’, or treating a baby as an individual with a mind. 

Northern Ireland: adolescent narcissism linked to school performance

The growing rate of narcissism in society could be linked to achievement in school, a study suggests.

England: first NHS gaming addiction clinic is announced

A London hospital is to launch the first NHS funded internet addiction centre for young people and adults.

USA: 'helicopter' parents could harm children's emotional wellbeing

Parents who are too controlling could make their children less able to manage their emotions, a study suggests.

Wales: children’s tooth decay is in sustained retreat

Tooth decay in 11- and 12-year-olds in Wales is in steady decline, a new survey says. 

USA: close siblings are better at weathering family conflict

A close relationship between siblings may offer protection from the psychological harm caused by hostility between parents, a study in Child Development has shown.

Can TV soaps save lives?

Soap operas are a powerful vehicle for communicating public health messages. But do they really prompt viewers to recognise and seek treatment for their own conditions? Journalist Helen Bird reports.