News in numbers: september

A breakdown of community health news this month, in numbers.

England: health programme to target Roma

A small team of school nurses and health improvement specialists is set to offer dedicated care to the Roma community in Kent.

The meningitis safety net

Rob Dawson of the Meningitis Research Foundation reveals the life-saving messages parents and CPs need to know if faced with bacterial meningitis or septicaemia.

England: first NHS gaming addiction clinic is announced

A London hospital is to launch the first NHS funded internet addiction centre for young people and adults.

UK: visa cap lifted for NHS nurses and doctors

The Home Office has announced that NHS nurses and doctors are to be excluded from the cap on skilled worker visas.

Wales: children’s tooth decay is in sustained retreat

Tooth decay in 11- and 12-year-olds in Wales is in steady decline, a new survey says. 

Northern Ireland: specialists to help parent-baby bonding

A new service to support parents struggling to bond with their babies has been offered by two specialist health visitors in infant mental health at the Western Health and Social Care Trust.

Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference

Everything you need to know about the Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference.

Scotland: plans for smoke-free council houses lead assault on tobacco

Smoke-free clauses on council house tenancy agreements are among a raft of new measures being considered under a plan to make Scotland smoke-free by 2034.


24 hours with Louise Wolstenholme

Louise is a health visitor and practice teacher within the 0-19 service at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, working in Roma health.

Northern Ireland: children’s rights harmed by failing public services

Systemic failures in education, poverty and mental health have been highlighted by Koulla Yiasouma, Northern Ireland commissioner for children and young people.