Mothering with a major mental Illness: examining emerging themes from the literature

This literature review by Diana Skibniewski-Woods examines the emerging themes found on mothering with a major illness, and is presented in relation to community practice.

Mental health: who's supporting mothers?

Services for maternal mental illness are emerging as the UK’s secret shame. How can the situation be improved for new mothers, and what role can community practitioners play, despite the challenges faced? Journalist Phil Harris takes a look.

Healthy living: practise what you preach?

Research suggests that patients are less likely to accept weight-loss advice from an overweight or obese health practitioner. So should we be taking more of our own advice as a profession, or is it more complex than that?

The path to positive learning

Good-quality placements enhance student nurses’ understanding of illness in the community. Amy Noakes highlights how all parties can build beneficial learning opportunities.

Tuberculosis: a ghost from the past

Tuberculosis is still rife in some parts of the community. But even where it remains rare, community practitioners need to be alert to its seriousness.

Premature babies: a new type of care

More premature babies are surviving, but with complex health needs. Community practitioners play a vital role in giving support, says journalist Anna Scott.

Meet the talented new president

Broadcaster, presenter and vocal coach to the stars Carrie Grant is the new honorary president of the CPHVA. She tells us about her passion for the NHS, her vision for patient-led healthcare, and the power of community practitioners to effect change.

Joint custody lessens impact on children

Preschool children have better mental health when they live with both parents  after a divorce, says a Swedish study.

Living near a park eases asthma for kids

City kids with asthma who live near parks have fewer days with symptoms, says new research.

Changing direction

Viv Bennett CBE explains why Public Health England is adopting a healthy living approach, and how you can play a key role in spreading the word.

‘Bad mum’ stigma stops women seeking postnatal depression help

Fear of being seen as a ‘bad mother’ is a barrier for women seeking help for postnatal depression, a new study finds.