Set the record straight

Clear and accurate record-keeping is vital to support the effective delivery of care and defend against litigation, writes journalist Anna Scott. Is it being given the priority it deserves ?

Annual conference 2017: from childhood abuse to damehood - Elizabeth Anionwu shares her journey

Professor Dame Elizabeth Anionwu closed this year’s conference with a moving account of her journey through the profession – and through her life.

Annual conference 2017: insight into the dangers of chronic stress

People regularly working more than 11 hours a day have a likelihood of depression 250% higher than those working fewer hours.

Annual conference 2017: childhood trauma causes health to deteriorate ‘10 to 15 years faster’

Traumatic events in childhood, such as neglect and child abuse, lead to poorer physical and mental health, said Mark Bellis.

Annual conference 2017: award winners

Discover the awards winners from the Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference 2017.

Annual conference 2017: refer early and often to save babies’ lives

Parity of esteem between mental and physical health is key – this was the message impressed upon delegates by David Foreman, from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and King’s College London.

Annual conference 2017: NSPCC urges parents to ‘take 5’

The NSPCC has launched a new campaign in Wales promoting ‘positive parenting’ designed to help tackle child abuse.

Diversity matters

We look at the winners of this year’s Mary Seacole Awards, together with the vital issues raised at the ceremony.

Growing pains

Hannah Warwick looks at supporting disabled young people through the transition from children’s to
adult services.

Sepsis in the community

Health campaigns are finally raising awareness of the life-threatening infection, sepsis. Independent nurse and health visitor Dorothy Karikari-Boateng takes a closer look, including how to spot and advise families on the infection.

Annual conference 2017: we are humans first

Almost 10 years on from the last time he spoke at a CPHVA conference, John Carnochan was back, and beating the drum for early intervention all the harder.

Annual conference 2017: the horrors of ‘honour-based’ abuse

Eyes were opened to the realities of honour-based abuse and forced marriage during the Nick Robin Memorial Lecture, which closed the first day of conference.

Annual conference 2017: transitions in care

In a talk covering transitions in care, the importance of preparing disabled children and young people early and empowering them came through loud and clear.

Annual conference 2017: transformational plans and public health – where are we heading?

Dr Nicola Jay explored the place of sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) on the children’s public health agenda, in a presentation to delegates.

Annual conference 2017: we will rebuild public health, says shadow minister

Shadow secretary of state for health Jonathan Ashworth MP told members of his plans for a ‘radical upgrade in prevention and public health’, with health visitors and school nurses at the heart of that strategy.

Annual conference 2017: call to action

What happened at this year’s Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference?

AIDS: are we finally winning the fight?

Ahead of World AIDS Day on 1 December, journalist Juliette Astrup takes a look at the fight against AIDS – from promising new developments and breakthrough treatments to some of the barriers undermining progress.