Veganism: the right diet for children?

Increasing numbers of parents are opting to bring up their children on a vegan diet. But is this advisable – or sustainable? Journalist Radhika Holmström asks a panel of specialists.

Do I need to tell my boss?

Writer Tim Carroll discusses the issues encountered by people diagnosed with ‘young-onset’ Parkinson’s. Tim himself was diagnosed with the progressive neurological condition in his early fifties.

The Health Visitor Organising Professional Committee is here to help representatives

Members often ask how to get more information or support from colleagues across the union. One answer is the Health Visitor Organising Professional Committee (HVOPC).

Celebrating the unsung BME heroes

The Awards will acknowledge a wide range of clinical, research and leadership achievements, as well as the unsung heroes who might otherwise be overlooked.

Is anyone listening?

The mental and physical health of trans young people is suffering, to the point they’re even accessing healthcare less often, and they continue to face considerable stigma. What can you do to help ensure they’re as healthy and happy as they should be? Journalist Phil Harris reports.

The big question: will the ‘sugar tax’ have the desired effect on public health?

Three members offer their insight on whether the sugar tax will be positive or not.

24 hours with Alimatu Dimonekene

Alimatu is lead advocate for ProjectACEi – a community group who advocate, educate and engage communities to end FGM. Twitter: @ProjectACEi

Continuing healthcare for the elderly

Retired health visitor Sue Moos looks at assessing eligibility for older people’s NHS-funded care, new developments to prevent postcode lotteries and the implications for health professionals.

Diversity in practice: Islam

Continuing our series on how religion and culture can impact on practice, journalist Alia Waheed looks at Islam.

Clinical focus: epilepsy

While epilepsy is a common condition, its symptoms need careful consideration. What exactly do you need to know and how can you help? Journalist John Windell reports.  

Members have their say on NHS pay

Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter answers questions raised by Unite members on the negotiated NHS pay framework.

Voice of a student: ‘I want to question NHS strategy decisions’

Abigail Swindail
Flying Start health visitor, studying MSc strategic leadership at the University of South Wales.

England: BMA pleads for end to funding squeeze

Public health funding is not meeting local needs, and cuts should be reversed, a British Medical Association (BMA) report has found.

Scotland: NHS pay deal will be matched

Scottish NHS workers will see their pay boosted at least as much as their counterparts south of the border if the UK Government’s new pay deal is accepted Staff Side.

Birth interventions linked to long-term health problems in children

A study has linked medical interventions at birth with a higher risk of health conditions such as jaundice, respiratory infections and eczema.

Wales: frontline staff reach record numbers

The number of people working on the frontline in the NHS in Wales is at a record high, according to latest statistics.

Children in charge of unhealthy packed lunches

Children are persuading parents to fill their lunchboxes with sugary and fattening treats, according to research.