CPD Module 2: Age-appropriate weaning foods

Weaning practices have changed frequently over the years whether due to trends or in response to new evidence – leaving families and sometimes health professionals unsure of the latest guidance.

CPD Module 1: Vitamin D status of young children

The importance of vitamin D has come to the fore in recent years leading to frequent discussion...

The power of volunteers

A volunteer programme that gives support to vulnerable families demonstrated that a small investment in training and support can bring about enormous change. Pauline Lee, Sarah Cook and Catherine Mee explain more.

The Solihull approach: pros and cons

Research that explored the experiences of two professions using the Solihull approach revealed benefits and challenges. Eleni Vasilopoulou, Ayesha Afzal, Kirsty Murphy and Clea Thompson explain more.

Winning the vaccine race

Medical research and science writer Meredith Wadman explains her passion for vaccines and how a particular story gave her unexpected inspiration to write a book.

Perinatal mental health: creating new horizons

As public health services remain under threat, the case for a joined-up approach has never been stronger. Jenny Thompson describes a collaborative project in Somerset that’s improving perinatal mental health outcomes.

Health visiting support: raising the bar

In response to heightened needs in Devon, a programme of intensive health visiting is delivering tailored early interventions to vulnerable families. Victoria Howard, Lee Beardsmore and Elaine O’Flaherty from the Virgin Care team describe the project.

Immunisation: does it need a booster?

Is immunisation slipping down the health visiting agenda? Helen Bedford, professor of child public health, explores the evidence.

Value-added care

Jo Ward and Janet Durrans describe a project to implement integrated clinical supervision at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which has resulted in better outcomes for staff and patients alike.

Antibiotics under the microscope

Are antibiotics becoming a healthcare catastrophe? Lorna Duckworth explores how real a problem antimicrobial resistance is, its implications for public health and future generations, and what community practitioners can do to tackle it.

Conference 2017: easing the way

As registration for this year’s Unite-CPHVA conference opens, we offer tips on garnering the support of your employer to reap the professional rewards of attending.