Women's healthcare: the invisible emergency

There finally seems to be a focus on longstanding inequalities in women’s health. But what needs to be done to truly improve the quality of life for women and in turn, everyone? Journalist Anna Scott investigates.

One-to-one: listening, learning, leading

Almost six months into her role as Wales’ top nurse, Sue Tranka talks about her journey so far and her key priorities for the future, including for the CP workforce.

New ways of working

A health visitor reveals how she coped and thrived while in post (and shielding) during the pandemic.

Menopause at work matters

Unite-CPHVA is serious about women’s rights at work during menopause, says Unite national officer Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe.

Violence against women: enough is enough

Almost a year on from the murder of Sarah Everard, asks journalist Juliette Astrup, how can CPs respond to violence against women and girls?

FGM healthcare costs set to almost double by 2047

The economic burden of female genital mutilation (FGM) to healthcare is projected to increase to $2.1bn/year by 2047 if no action is taken to prevent it.

Psychological distress higher in adolescent and young adult cancer survivors

Adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors are more likely to experience psychological distress than adults with no history of cancer, a study has found.

Women smokers more at risk than men of hospitalisation with heart failure

Women appear to be at more risk of hospitalisation when smoking following high-risk heart attacks, a study in the Journal of Women’s Health has found.

Link between stammering and anxiety found for some children and young people

Children and adolescents who stammer report elevated symptoms of anxiety compared with non-stammering peers, according to a study published in the Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research.

Lonely teenagers more likely to have poor educational outcomes

A study examining loneliness in adolescence found those affected were more likely to achieve poor educational outcomes.

Urban design could affect weight gain during pregnancy

US study has found an association with the ‘walkability’ of a neighbourhood and expectant mothers’ excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

Heart attack gender gap

Heart disease is the single biggest killer of women, so why is it still labelled a ‘man’s disease’? Helen Wilson from Heart Research UK on raising awareness and encouraging women to look after their heart health.

Wales: first step towards creating a national care service

The establishment of an expert group to support the creation of a National Care Service for Wales has been announced.

England: white paper sets out plans to join up care for people of all ages

The UK Government published a white paper setting out its vision for an integrated NHS and adult social care sector.

Northern Ireland: improving mental health services for young people

Health minister Robin Swann has published an updated ‘Still Waiting’ action plan, alongside its third annual progress report.

England: stark ethnic inequalities in NHS, report reveals

A major review into ethnic inequalities in healthcare has found vast inequalities across a range of health services.

A new vision for research

Louise Wolstenholme, Jo Cooke, Lisa Manlove and Tracey Long discuss sharing good practice when developing a 0 to 19 research network.