Evaluating the impact of the 5 pillars of parenting programme: A novel parenting intervention for Muslim families

Universal parenting intervention courses often fail to recruit and retain Muslim families. Kathryn Thomson, Hanan Hussein, Kathleen Roche-Nagi and Ruth Butterworth evaluated the impact of the faith-based Five Pillars of Parenting programme.

Putting the CP back into CPR

How can you help ensure members of the public are equipped with basic life-saving skills, and is it even your role to do so? Journalist Rima Evans investigates.

Breastfeeding reduces risk of high blood pressure

Women who breastfeed more children, and for longer, are less likely to suffer from hypertension after the menopause.

Keeping fit as a child lowers risk of lung disease

Children who have good fitness levels during childhood and adolescence have better lung function as adults, scientists have found.

Parental type 1 diabetes link to child ADHD

The children of parents who have type 1 diabetes are at a greater risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), says a study.

Video feedback promotes mother-baby bonding

Mothers watching videos of themselves with their babies, alongside health visitors who provide feedback, can promote early bonding, new research shows.

Fortifying flour with folic acid is harmless

No evidence of harm from higher doses of folic acid exists, says new research, leading to renewed calls for it to be added to flour to help protect babies from birth defects such as spina bifida.

Brushing teeth is not enough to protect aganist decay

Brushing is not enough to protect children’s teeth from decay – changing snacking habits is key. This was the finding of a Scottish study of more than 4000 pre-schoolers.

Anti-obesity programmes in schools don't work

School-based programmes aimed at reducing obesity in children have little or no effect, a study suggests.

Wales: trusts challenge child healthcare transfer to private sector

Two NHS trusts have challenged a council’s decision to award a £104m contract for its healthy child programme to Virgin Care.

Northern Ireland: 600 overseas nurses to tackle shortage

Health chiefs are recruiting in the Philippines to address a shortage of 1500 nurses in Northern Ireland.