Challenging views on breastfeeding

Why isn’t UK culture conducive to breastfeeding? And can it ever change? Helen Bird explores some of the reasons behind our low breastfeeding rates and looks at what could reverse the trend.

Wales: children to have access to school nurse

New plans announced by the Welsh Government will ensure all children and young people in Wales have access to a school nurse.

Northern Ireland: half of mothers don’t try breastfeeding

Almost 50% of mothers who have given birth in Northern Ireland since 2012 left hospital without trying to breastfeed, a new study has found.

Scotland: excessive wait for mental health treatment

Children and young people have waited up to 666 days after being referred to mental health services in Scotland, it has been revealed.

Wales: nurse recruitment drive

The Welsh Government has launched a recruitment drive to increase the number of nurses on wards and in the community.

Scotland: breast cancer trial

A £1m pilot project to cut breast cancer risk by helping women lose weight and get active has been launched in Scotland.

Northern Ireland: talk to teens about HPV vaccine

The Public Health Agency (PHA) in Northern Ireland is encouraging parents to talk to their teenage daughters about the benefits of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, which they can receive this school term.

Children’s activity levels fall during primary school

An age-related fall in physical activity levels has been identified in a British Heart Foundation-funded study.

Lack of sleep linked to children’s diabetes risk

An evidence review has found a link between a lack of sleep in childhood and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Rosemary boosts children's memory

The smell of rosemary may boost children’s recall, a study has found.

Language affects how we see time

Language may influence the way we experience time, suggests a new study of bilinguals.