Childhood obesity: an overview of the existing barriers to the health practitioner’s role in providing effective intervention

Amalia Burca Bouch highlights the latest guidance, and health professional research, on reducing the risks of childhood obesity. She also explores existing barriers to effective intervention and implementation of the guidelines.

New practitioners: safe place for support

A forum for newly registered health visitors in Doncaster has helped ease their transition from student to autonomous practitioner. Here, Tracey Long explains how it helped them.

Calling Scottish members

A Scottish Government event is being held in Glasgow on 22 August, part of the Unite-CPHVA #HVWeek, says Gavin Fergie - Unite lead professional officer.

Bursary available to support conference

Would you like to attend this year’s Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference on 17 and 18 October in Cardiff?

The future of the 1% pay cap in the NHS

Following a member survey in April, Unite has been given an overwhelming mandate to fight the NHS pay cap. Sarah Carpenter, Unite’s head of health, reports on your reactions and plans for the campaign.

Girl Powered

When Amika George heard that girls in Britain were missing school because they couldn’t afford sanitary products, she was shocked into action. Here, the 17-year-old London student explains how her campaign – #FreePeriods – has ignited a debate, and looks set to bring positive change.

Park run phenomenon

Since its beginnings in 2004, parkrun has inspired people to be more active, volunteer in their community and enjoy keeping fit. Chrissie Wellington, the setup’s global lead for health and wellbeing, reports on how it grew into a global phenomenon.

The digital health evolution

Technology is pushing back the barriers in healthcare. How are community practitioners responding?
Rima Evans reports.

School nurse week: spreading the word

School nurse week, which runs from 10 to 14 July, is a great opportunity to raise your profile and make colleagues aware of your responsibilities.

Children with TVs in their bedrooms more likely to be overweight

Researchers from University College London analysed data on 12,556 children from the UK’s Millennium Cohort Study, following them from ages seven to 11 to assess long-term associations between TV and computer use and body fat in children.

Adverse childhood experiences

Professor Mark Bellis is a director of Public Health Wales, an advisor to WHO, and an expert in violence prevention, alcohol, drugs and sexual health. Mark’s talk at the upcoming Unite-CPHVA conference focuses on adverse childhood experiences and their impact on individuals.