‘You are the backbone of the NHS’

Polly Toynbee has stepped down as president after more than two years representing the CPHVA. She reflects on a tenure stretching across challenging times, vowing to remain a champion for public health nurses.

Loud & clear

How can practitioners better deal with challenging behaviour from children with autism? Laura Kerbey, founder of Positive Autism Support and Training, who delivered a masterclass at November’s Unite-CPHVA conference, offers guidance for practitioners.

Reflecting on practice

Following her hugely popular revalidation workshop at the Unite-CPHVA conference, Sara Kovach-Clark – revalidation transition lead at the NMC – offers guidance around the purpose and process of reflection.

CPHVA executive: into the fold

The CPHVA executive committee election last year attracted a huge amount of interest and resulted in the appointment of three new members. Here, we meet them and find out their aims in representing your interests.


Alcohol: A high price to pay

As the new year rolls around, some of us may be feeling the effects of festive over-indulgence. But the effects of alcohol on health should not be underestimated, and practitioners are well positioned to spread awareness of the risks, as Juliette Astrup discovers.

Professional advisory committee: in support we trust

As we welcome 2017, why not make your new year’s resolution to support the work of the CPHVA Education and Development Trust? Professional advisory committee chair Denise Knight tells us more.

Newborn observation: a closer look

Having a newborn at home is arguably one of the most challenging times in parenthood. But Sheffield-based health visitor Jessica Halliday discovered how using the newborn behavioural observation system can facilitate positive relationships between parents and infants.

Witnessing a widening divide

What’s the real impact of austerity on public health? Jon Warren, senior research associate at Durham University who spoke at the Unite-CPHVA conference in November, describes a study looking at health inequalities in two socially contrasting areas of Stockton-on-Tees.

Time to recharge?

Practitioners are well placed to help people achieve goals of healthier lives in 2017, but looking after themselves is more vital than ever, reports Phil Harris.

Picture Perfect 

The poster competition at November’s Unite-CPHVA conference attracted an array of talent, with exhibits showcasing best practice across a range of professional areas. We hear from the winners of the three categories about the projects behind the designs.

Your views: a wish too far?

An insight into what you’ve been thinking – or talking – about this month…