Sex education: how to really do it

Children are growing up in a confusing world of online sex and modern gender norms, says Anna Scott. They require relevant, up-to-date sex education to keep them safe from harm and able to form healthy relationships.

Harnessing a public health asset

Despite a rapid increase in birth rate, NHS-wide cuts mean that health visitor posts are being lost. Lisa Lewis asks what can be done to keep SCPHNs in public health.

Your workload: how much is too much?

How do you know when accepting more work would be unsafe for you and the families you work with? Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter takes a look.

Your journal needs you

Why not help shape the direction of the journal by contributing to the content or suggesting some ideas?

LAR of the Year Award 2017

Do you know a local accredited representative (LAR) who deserves special recognition?

Bursary available to support conference attendance

Would you like to attend this year’s Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference on 17 and 18 October in Cardiff?

Let’s put an end to FGM

Dr Comfort Momoh highlights the fight against FGM

Body image: the pressure of 'normal'

While feeling body-conscious as a teenager may not be new, the issue is arguably now magnified thanks to always-on technology. Community Practitioner looks at the impact.

Surviving honour-based injustice

Forced marriages, imprisonment, even murder. This is the reality for thousands of UK victims harmed by those who are meant to love them most – their families. Jasvinder Sanghera, CEO of charity Karma Nirvana, was one of them.

Celebrate your role

#HVweek, which runs from 21 to 25 August this year, is the perfect time to champion the teams working hard to bring the best possible services to children and families, says Obi Amadi.

Feet First

From ingrown toenails to fungal infections, it pays to be aware of these stubborn foot problems.