Putting children's safety first

Katrina Phillips, chief executive at the Child Accident Prevention Trust, highlights the power of sharing when it comes to keeping children safe.

Domestic abuse on your doorstep?

Domestic abuse can present a tough situation for health visitors. They need to know about it in a timely manner and decide how to respond. Michelle Moseley evaluates an initiative in Wales that sets out to offer support.

Positive parenting

Parenting programmes can be an effective means of influencing, but some communities are more difficult to reach. Neelam Awan and Ruth Butterworth explain their findings.

Video interaction: another point of view

When it comes to mental health, prevention is key. Janice Toyne and Clare Dhanushan describe how a video-based intervention is successfully enhancing communication between parents and their babies.

School nurses shall shine

The resounding success of #HVweek set the scene, and now our attention turns to school nursing as #SNweek makes its debut in July. Unite- CPHVA lead professional officer Ros Godson explains why we all need to get involved.

Why the NHS finances don't add up

Years of underfunding, fragmentation and reorganisation have brought many NHS services to their knees. Caroline Roberts unpicks the reasons for the NHS’ plight – and its prospects.

How to enhance practice in a digital world

There are many benefits to using technology, including social media and specialist apps, in a professional capacity. Helen Bird explores some of the digital avenues and virtual communities available.

Mary Seacole: leading by example

As the Mary Seacole Awards invite entries, previous winner Joanne McEwan describes the work that led up to this recognition and the opportunities it has created, while Helen Bedford outlines the benefits of mentorship.

A powerful message for postnatal depression

Having suffered with anxiety before and after the birth of her son, Sandi Thom wants to remove the stigma from pre- and postnatal mental illness. The singer tells Helen Bird about her experiences and teaming up with PANDAS to spread the word.

Your views: safeguarding

What have you been thinking – and talking – about this month?

Good will hunting?

James Lazou, research officer at Unite, explains why the NHS staff survey findings aren’t necessarily rosy.