Childhood gambling: betting with their future

New figures reveal the shocking extent of gambling among children. Journalist Phil Harris asks if we need to be more vigilant.

Military families: behind the frontline

Life for military families can be difficult, and regularly disrupted. Journalist Rima Evans looks at ensuring they are given the support they need.

Supermarkets: checking out health?

As Tesco joins forces with three national charities to reduce the risk of disease by promoting healthy eating, journalist Juliette Astrup looks at the role of supermarkets in helping to improve public health.

Clinical: the eyes have it

Sticky eye and conjunctivitis are two of the most common conditions affecting children’s eyes, but what causes them, and just how serious are they, asks journalist John Windell.

Diversity in practice: Judaism

In the first of a new series on how religion and culture can impact on practice, journalist Lauren Hoffman looks at Judaism.

Teaching sexual consent: how young is too young?

Sexual consent is firmly on the agenda with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. But is introducing the concept to children as young as two or three a necessity, or a violation of their innocence? Journalist Helen Bird explores the issues.

Reaching peak professionalism?

Professionalism is in the spotlight, reports journalist Phil Harris, as new guidance sets out what it means in everyday practice. But is a drive towards higher standards doomed when cuts and training shortages are rife?

Big story: mandatory vaccinations?

Measles has been surging across Europe amid high levels of safety-based vaccine scepticism and falling immunisation levels. Italy and France have responded with new laws that make childhood vaccinations mandatory. Journalist Juliette Astrup takes a look at this controversial issue and asks what should be done to keep uptake rates high.

Intrusion or inclusion? Helping or hindering LGBT equality?

As a new sexual orientation monitoring standard is published, journalist Anna Scott asks if gathering this data is overreaching, or an important step in promoting LGBT equality in healthcare outcomes.

A few good men: where are all the Male CPs?

In some areas of nursing, men are commonplace, but community roles seem to remain largely off-limits. Journalist Phil Harris investigates.

Is school nursing DNR?

School nursing services across the UK are being changed, cut, expanded and integrated into other teams. With no apparent UK-wide consensus on what their role should be, do school nurses have a future in the modern NHS? Journalist Sarah Campbell investigates.