Healthy living made easy

Your at-a-glance guide to helping everyone have a healthier 2018 and beyond.

Breastfeeding and the workplace

Breastfeeding coordinator Sinéad Lynch explains how being on the workplace workstrand of the Northern Ireland breastfeeding strategy has influenced strategic and local support to women who are combining breastfeeding and work.

Fiona McQueen: "If I can do it, anyone can"

Professor Fiona McQueen, Scotland’s chief nursing officer, describes her journey to fitness, and ‘walking the walk’ when it comes to public health advice on healthy eating and physical activity.

Building resilience

Young people face new and profound pressures in relationships with their parents and peers. Building up their resilience will equip them to come back stronger from adverse childhood experiences.

Summer: the risk of accidents

Paddling pools, barbecues and open upstairs windows – the summer months pose a particular risk to children, reports Phil Harris.

New practitioners: safe place for support

A forum for newly registered health visitors in Doncaster has helped ease their transition from student to autonomous practitioner. Here, Tracey Long explains how it helped them.

Park run phenomenon

Since its beginnings in 2004, parkrun has inspired people to be more active, volunteer in their community and enjoy keeping fit. Chrissie Wellington, the setup’s global lead for health and wellbeing, reports on how it grew into a global phenomenon.

School nurse week: spreading the word

School nurse week, which runs from 10 to 14 July, is a great opportunity to raise your profile and make colleagues aware of your responsibilities.

Childcare: making the right choice

Sorting out childcare provision can be a minefield. When should parents start searching and what should they look for? Would a home-based childminder or group setting be best? What funding is available? Theresa Johnson of the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years looks into the options.

Worried sick

Tasneem Clarke, a social worker and research officer at the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, looks at the link between financial problems and ill health, and how community practitioners can help.

School nurse week: make a difference

School nurse week from 10 to 14 July is fast approaching. Are you ready to spread the word about the vital work you do?