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Steph Waddell

The mental health dividend

Stephanie Waddell of the Early Intervention Foundation says proactive schemes in schools will help vulnerable children, prevent problems in later life and benefit society.

Paternal PND

Silent sadness: the truth about paternal PND

Postnatal depression in fathers and the effects on childhood development need urgent attention as too many men are suffering in silence, says health visitor Helen Knapman.

Sikhfamily Shutterstock

Diversity in practice: Sikhism

Continuing our series on how religion and culture can impact on practice, Professor Eleanor Nesbitt looks at Sikhism.

Gambling Slots Machine

Childhood gambling: betting with their future

New figures reveal the shocking extent of gambling among children. Journalist Phil Harris asks if we need to be more vigilant.

Dental Care

Tooth decay: down in the mouth

Tooth decay remains a persistent problem across the UK, especially among children, writes journalist John Windell, so what can put the sparkle back in the nation’s smile?

Teddy Bear iStock

The tools to assess neglect

Identifying problems with the care of a child poses challenges for health visitors. Dawn Hodson and Natalie Cummings discuss how the Graded Care Profile 2 tool can aid you in your assessments and help your relationship with a family.

Military Family

Military families: behind the frontline

Life for military families can be difficult, and regularly disrupted. Journalist Rima Evans looks at ensuring they are given the support they need.

Big Story

Supermarkets: checking out health?

As Tesco joins forces with three national charities to reduce the risk of disease by promoting healthy eating, journalist Juliette Astrup looks at the role of supermarkets in helping to improve public health.

Putting the CP back into CPR

How can you help ensure members of the public are equipped with basic life-saving skills, and is it even your role to do so? Journalist Rima Evans investigates.

Clinical: the eyes have it

Sticky eye and conjunctivitis are two of the most common conditions affecting children’s eyes, but what causes them, and just how serious are they, asks journalist John Windell.

One size does not fit all

CEO of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust Robert Music reveals how you can help increase cervical screening attendance, highlighting the many reasons for the low uptake.