Community Practitioner Journal

As a CPHVA member do I receive a copy of the Community Practitioner Journal?

All CPHVA members receive a copy of Community Practitioner Journal in the post each month.

I've not been receiving my copy of the Community Practitioner Journal, what should I do?

If you’re not receiving your Community Practitioner Journal, you should contact your local office which you can do on 0844 870 5605. Your local office will be able to ensure your membership record is up to date. 

I am not a CPHVA member - can I still subscribe to the Journal?

If you are interested in a paid subscription to the Community Practitioner Journal please email [email protected]

CPHVA membership

What are the benefits of CPHVA membership?

As a member of CPHVA, you get all the benefits from being a member with Unite the Union (You can see these here). 

The extra benefits of CPHVA membership include: 

  • You’re a member of the professional organisation that represents health visitors, school nurses, community nursery nurses and community practitioners. We’ve done this since 1896. 
  • We represent you professionally and on work place issues that you tell us are important. This is across the four countries of the United Kingdom. As a member, your voice is heard at all levels across governments, health, social care and related organisations. We raise awareness on issues around your profession and your professional practice. 
  • You receive a monthly subscription to the Community Practitioner Journal. 
  • You receive professional liability insurance cover of up to £3 million. 
  • If you have a problem at work that relates to your professional practice, we provide specialist support and advice to you and your Unite representatives. 
  • You can access events that we run throughout the year. 

How much does it cost to be a member of CPHVA?

Click here for the Unite/CPHVA contribution rates. CPHVA members contributions are the Unite contribution rate plus £1.25 per month.  

Can I claim tax relief for my CPHVA subscriptions?

Members who pay tax are able to claim tax relief on their subscription to CPHVA because it is named on list 3 with HMRC. Members can organise this by contacting their local tax office. If you have not claimed tax in previous years you may be able to also claim retrospectively. You can view previous years’ subscription rates here.

What professional resources are available from CPHVA?

CPHVA produces a number of different professional resources in a variety of formats.

Our online resources can be accessed on the CPHVA professional resources page which is linked from our CPHVA homepage. These resources are only accessible by members.

How do I stay in touch with CPHVA?

The best way you can stay up to date with CPHVA and issues in your profession is by reading the Community Practitioner Journal every month. 

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. It’s also important to regularly review our website for any changes. 

How do I get in touch (including when I have a problem at work)?

You never know when you might need advice, including with a problem at work. So it’s good to know we are here to help. If you know who your local branch representative is, contact them in the first instance. They may or may not be in your department or profession but they’ll try and help. If you’re unaware of who this is, you can find out their details by contacting your local Unite office on 0844 870 5605. If you don’t have a local representative, your local office will be able to advise.

I have a 'professional' issue to discuss, how do I get in touch with CPHVA?

It’s still important to first discuss any issues with your local branch representative. If you still want to contact someone in CPHVA or the Unite Health Sector, you can find their details here.

How can I be involved in CPHVA?

As a membership organisation there are many ways that you can be involved in CPHVA. The first way to get involved is by attending your local branch meeting. This might be specific to CPHVA but also might be a wider Unite in Health branch. 

There are several ‘roles’ that members can take up locally including becoming an accredited representative or branch official. If you’re interested in any of these, get in touch with your local representative or Unite office (see How do I get in touch below). 

As well as these local structures, health sector members can be involved in regional and national committees. On the following links you can find out details (including who your representatives are) about the Organising Professional Committees and the Health National Industrial Sector Committee.

How can I find out about CPHVA events?

CPHVA holds regular events across the UK. You can see the list of upcoming events here. Don’t forget as members of Unite, you can also attend events locally and nationally. You can get details about these from the website.

I am a student member of CPHVA...

FAQs relating to Student Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (SCPHN) can be found on the Unite website here

I am a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse...

FAQs relating to Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (SCPHN) can be found on the Unite website here.