Webinar: Are families getting enough vitamin D?

10 November 2017

Watch on demand a 1 hour webinar where we will be exploring the importance of vitamin D for young children with a presentation from Dr Carrie Ruxton and a leading health professional.

Community Practitioner webinar Vitamin D


Host: Helen Bird, Editor, Community Practitioner.

Dr Carrie Ruxton, dietitian, health writer and TV nutritionist

Carrie will give an overview of the new vitamin D guidelines from SACN and PHE’s recommendations for children under 4 years.  

Discussion would include the following:

•    Vitamin D deficiencies amongst children in the UK 
•    Identification of children at risk as well as signs and symptoms 
•    Vitamin D deficiency in UK Asian families – cultural and dietary customs and genetic disposition contributing towards deficiencies  
•    The rise of rickets and bone health problems resulting from low vitamin D status
•    SACN’s vitamin D recommendation for 0-11 months (including breastfed babies), 1-3 years and 4 years +
•    Dietary sources of vitamin D and the importance of fortified foods and supplements for 3 years + (regulations do not allow weaning products to be fortified with vitamin D)
•    Seasonal risks and being careful in the sun – how much exposure is healthy and how much is dangerous?

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