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2: Incidence

About 15-20 per cent of children suffer from atopic eczema,1 which is one component of the ‘atopic march’ – the phenomenon of disordered immune responses that starts with skin barrier defects in infancy leading to the progressive development of atopic eczema, food allergy, asthma and allergic rhinitis.2

Atopy is typically associated with heightened immune responses to common allergens, especially inhaled allergens and food allergens. Atopic eczema and atopic dermatitis are interchangeable terms for a condition that can vary considerably in severity and have a profound impact on quality of life.

Key facts

  • Atopic eczema is a chronic, inflammatory, itchy skin condition that usually develops in childhood and follows a relapsing/ remitting course
  • Emollients plus intermittent topical corticosteroids are the mainstay of treatment for mild-moderate disease
  • Flares need to be recognised and controlled rapidly to minimise discomfort and prevent skin deterioration

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