For community practitioners, it is important to be responsive to symptoms of sickness, allergies and skincare problems. Our modules offer expert guidance that are designed to enhance your assessment of a child or teen and how to manage the diseases and illnesses they may develop. 

web_earache_shutterstock_487512682.png Conditions MODULE

Relieving children’s earaches

First published October 2012

How do earaches affect babies and young children and what is the latest evidence-based management advice?

web_paracetamal_shutterstock_1020724678.png Conditions MODULE

New paracetamol dosing guidelines

First published February 2012

What are the new paracetamol dosing guidelines?

web_mouth_ulcer_shutterstock_264202061.png Conditions MODULE

The management of mouth ulcers

First published November 2012

What treatments should you recommend to clients with mouth ulcers?


web_immunisations_istock-515310284.png CPD

Child immunisations

First published August 2011

Why should children be immunised and when?


Tackling head lice in schoolchildren

First published August 2012

What are the best strategies for controlling head lice?

web_nappy_rash_istock-157636249-1.png CPD

Nappy rash prevention

First published December 2011

What is the best way to protect and prevent babies from nappy rash?


Relieving acute pain in children

First published September 2014

What tools and treatment are available for acute paediatric pain management?

web_baby_skin_defense_istock-911892508.png CPD

The skin: baby’s first line of defence

First published December 2014

What are the risks of getting skin care wrong?

web_baby_skin_care_istock-959831980.png CPD

Infant skincare

First published October 2010

What is the correct skincare reigime for an infant?

web_cleansing_baby_skin_istock-872817630.png CPD

Effective newborn skin cleansing

First published May 2013.

What is best practice for newborn skin cleansing?