Welcome to Community Practitioner’s CPD partnership. The courses below aim to expand your knowledge and broaden your skillset that are relevant to your role. CPD is crucial in supporting your growth and learning throughout your evolving career. On completion of the interactive self-assessment questions you will receive a certificate for you to add to your professional portfolio. This can also be used as part of your NMC revalidation process.

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Dealing with difficult behaviour can be one of the hardest challenges that practitioners may face. Here, we provide you with the knowledge and necessary skills to be able to understand the underlying causes and help support parents and carers in managing a child’s behaviour effectively.

As a healthcare professional, it’s important to ensure that a child is getting the right developmental support. Our modules aim to provide you with the tools to identify and acknowledge a child’s needs and the best way to support them. Improve your confidence on how to spot hindered development by understanding the key milestones and learn how to apply them within your practice setting.

For community practitioners, it is important to be responsive to symptoms of sickness, allergies and skincare problems. Our modules offer expert guidance that are designed to enhance your assessment of a child or teen and how to manage the diseases and illnesses they may develop. 

Spotting the early indicators of diminished mental health and well being is key in supporting a client through difficult times. Our resources focus on advancing your assessment skills when working with children and young people, new parents and families as a whole. Learn a range of practical strategies and how to apply these to complex situations you may face.

The early years of childhood are the most vital stages of growth and development, therefore it is important children are getting the nutrients they need. Extend your knowledge on ways you can support, improve and maintain a child’s health through adopting healthy eating habits.

No matter which profession you work in, child protection training is crucial. These modules will strengthen your skills in recognising the early warning signs of verbal or physical maltreatment, harm or abuse. You will be able to review the safeguarding measures you already have in place and further advance your confidence in protecting children and young people.