The big question: the NHS at 70. What's your view?

Three members offer their views on the NHS at 70, professionally and personally.

The MacQueen Bursary award

The MacQueen Bursary award enables attendance at the Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference 2018 (in Bournemouth on 17 and 18 October).

Florence Nightingale commemoration event

I was lucky enough to attend the Florence Nightingale commemoration event at Westminster Abbey to represent Wales, along with Karen Jewell (nursing officer for maternity and early years, Welsh Government), Amanda Holland (CPHVA deputy chair for Wales), Jean White (Chief Nursing Officer for Wales) – and hundreds of nurses and student nurses from all over the UK, as well as from the armed forces.

Afternoon at the Royal Garden Party

On 5 June, Norma Dudley (below, left) and I had the privilege of representing the CPHVA as guests at the Royal Garden Party.

24 hours with Emma Fawkes

Emma is lead paediatric bladder and bowel care nurse specialist with University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust.

Art of the deal: NHS three-year pay offer

NHS unions have accepted the pay offer, but the journey towards fair terms is only just beginning, says Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter.

The NHS at 70

‘There is much to celebrate this year and we need to recognise those who came before us to make things better,’ says Obi Amadi, a lead professional officer for Unite.

Health visitors

What does a health visitor do?

24 hours with Clare Henderson

Clare is a peripatetic HV for the charity SSAFA, providing services in Cyprus to military and entitled civilian families.

Conference - don't miss out

Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter advises you on how to fund your attendance at the Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference.

Your rights - speaking up

Unite were among the thousands of union members and campaigners who marched to demand a new deal for working people.