Health visitors

What does a health visitor do?

24 hours with Clare Henderson

Clare is a peripatetic HV for the charity SSAFA, providing services in Cyprus to military and entitled civilian families.

Conference - don't miss out

Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter advises you on how to fund your attendance at the Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference.

Your rights - speaking up

Unite were among the thousands of union members and campaigners who marched to demand a new deal for working people.

The big question: could automation replace health visitor jobs?

Three members give their views on whether automation is good or bad for the profession.

The Health Visitor Organising Professional Committee is here to help representatives

Members often ask how to get more information or support from colleagues across the union. One answer is the Health Visitor Organising Professional Committee (HVOPC).

Celebrating the unsung BME heroes

The Awards will acknowledge a wide range of clinical, research and leadership achievements, as well as the unsung heroes who might otherwise be overlooked.

The big question: will the ‘sugar tax’ have the desired effect on public health?

Three members offer their insight on whether the sugar tax will be positive or not.

Members have their say on NHS pay

Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter answers questions raised by Unite members on the negotiated NHS pay framework.

Voice of a student: ‘I want to question NHS strategy decisions’

Abigail Swindail
Flying Start health visitor, studying MSc strategic leadership at the University of South Wales.

From CP to lecturer: two steps forward, one step back

Public health expert Sheila Lally offers a personal reflection on moving from a community practitioner role to senior lecturer.